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Philosophy of the PeerHelp Listserv

The PeerHelp Listserv is an online community of Canadian Immigration Consultant professionals. PeerHelp encourages freedom of expression, the free flow of ideas and comments on professional matters as long as they are in keeping with Rules of Participation below.

Goal of the PeerHelp Listserv

PeerHelp Immigration Consultants’ Listserv [peerhelp.ca] is a communications forum for Canadian immigration consultants, to help them become better informed, more efficient practitioners, as well as to advance the status of the profession generally.

Founding Members and Administrators

Founded in 2005 by Senior Immigration Practitioners and former immigration officers from Citizenship and Immigration Canada under the original name ICListServ – Immigration Consultant’s ListServ, it is the oldest and only fully independent professional forum dedicated to helping Canadian Immigration practitioners.

It is operated by a Steering Committee of senior immigration consultants with a combined 55 years in the profession, who make the administrative decisions necessary. It is not affiliated with any organization.

The Steering Committee members are Camilla Jones, David LeBlanc, and Bruce Ferreira-Wells. Founding members were Lynn Gaudet, Camilla Jones, David LeBlanc and Peter Veress, and assisted for many years by Katarina Onuschak.

Who can join PeerHelp ListServ

Membership on the Listserv is open to ICCRC members who are RCICs and other “authorized representatives” as defined in IRPA, as well as retired practitioners. Other advocates of an independent immigration consulting profession who wish to participate in the Listserv may apply to the Steering Committee for membership. Their request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

PeerHelp. Learn. Ask. Share.

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