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How to Join PeerHelp

Membership on the Listserv is open to ICCRC members who are RCICs and other “authorized representatives” as defined in IRPA, as well as retired practitioners. Other advocates of an independent immigration consulting profession who wish to participate in the Listserv may apply to the Steering Committee for membership. Their request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in joining the PeerHelp Listserv, you may fill out the sign up form after you have read and agreed to the above terms of use.

Registration form

Please fill in this form fully. Do not leave any boxes blank; mark NA if a box does not apply. Only fully complete forms will be processed for Membership in PeerHelp.

General Information

Name you wish to use (ie nickname) on PeerHelp if different than above:

Company Information

Scholastic Information

If currently a student in an IPP Immigration Practitioner Program, please provide the following information.

Please note Students in IPP programs are not allowed to post to the forum until they have passed their ICCRC exams and are full RCIC members.

Please remember when paying subscription fees to always add YOUR personal name and email you use on the PeerHelp forum in the memo field of all payments made to us.

Members Feedback and Suggestions

The Steering Committee wishes to make the best possible resource tool available to consultants. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. You can email us using the form below:


You can unsubscribe from the PeerHelp ListServ by filling out the form below:

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